Hochschule Düsseldorf
University of Applied Sciences
Fachbereich Elektro- & Informationstechnik
Faculty of Electrical Engineering & Information Technology


M. Bockemühl, F. Felden, J. Kronen, C. van Laak
Surviving the Coming Telecommunications Shakeout – How Optimized IT Capabilities Can Drive Competitive Advantage for Incumbents
IT Advantage Fall 2009 (18-22)

M. Grebe, C. van Laak
Optimizing the IT Budget for the Downturn – and Beyond
IT Advantage Fall 2009 (7-11)

R. Minz, H. Möllenkamp, E. Leibrock, A. Blumstengel, C. van Laak, A. Wolter 
Renewing Core Banking IT Systems: Open-Heart Surgery for European Banks – BCG’s Third Annual IT Cost Benchmarking Study
(May 2006)

R. Minz, H. Möllenkamp, A. Blumstengel, E. Leibrock, E. Neufeld, C. van Laak, A. Wolter
IT Outsourcing and Offshoring: Hype or Opportunity? – IT Cost Benchmarking in the European Banking Industry
(June 2005)


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Modeling and Analysis of Channel Coding in the Presence of Error Bursts
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Performance of Burst versus Random Error Codes
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