Hochschule Düsseldorf
University of Applied Sciences
Fachbereich Elektro- & Informationstechnik
Faculty of Electrical Engineering & Information Technology

​​​​​Profile ​

The master’s programme​in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology lasts four semesters. Its goal is to qualify students for a high-level career in the public sector or for doctoral studies as well as to expand their subject-related and management skills. 

Both creative and design skills as well as knowledge of the theory of natural and engineering sciences are further developed in a targeted manner. 

Students can choose from four areas of specialisation: 

  • Automation Technology 
  • Electrical Power Engineering 
  • Communications and Information Technology 
  • Microelectronics 

The Master Study Programme in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology pursues the objective of optimizing graduates’ career alternatives and enabling them, through the teaching of methodical skills as well as additional subject-related knowledge, to undertake academic work. Through the programme’s international focus, instruction in engineering is adapted to market globalization on the one hand and on the other hand studying is made easier for international students. In the course of the programme, which is divided into modules, subject-related contents with specific foci are taught and applied in practice. The programme ends with the Master thesis.​



​​Language of instruction
​German (some elective modules in English)​
​Master of Science (MSc)
​Further opportunities for study​E.g. doctoral studies​
Normal programme length​Four semesters
Study programme begins​Summer or winter semester
ApplicationFind out how and when to apply:
Degree seeking students
​​Exchange students​
​​Admission requirements​Successful completion of a Bachelor or Diploma programme in the field of Electrical Engineering or in a comparable, subject-related Bachelor or Diploma programme at a higher education institution with an overall grade of “Good” (2.5) or higher.
Allocation of places​Unrestricted admission
Period abroad​Possible
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